joi, 21 aprilie 2016

My exceprience with virtual tours software

I like to consider myself a real estate veteran - with more than 30 years of experience in that area, I manage co close a cuple of thousand sales in a very versatile and dynamic real estate market, where the trends can change like the wind, with an astonishing speed. And what I like the most in this kind of business is that you work with actual people, you communicate, you can read people faces when they are analysing a property and you can understand exactly that purchasing a property is a very big deal.

Now, along the years technology has changed constantly, and sales techniques have always evolved, changed a bit year by year, until almost everything was different from the times when I began working in this industry. But I can't really complain about this, because adopting new technology will always improve your work, will allow you to deliver better results with less hassle.

Now... the newest best thing that technollogy was offering to the real estate industry was the incredible platforms (like TourWizard for instance) that are able to generate in a fast way (without involving technical or programmew work) cutting edge virtual tours - that will allow our potential buyers to have a larger, clearer, better view at the property that they want to purchase.

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